1 / Catalogue

Here Makers has an original catalogue of creations for retailers. These new bag and backpack designs are based on analyses of consumer preferences and market trends around the world.  

You can select a design, with the options of customizations on size, color, and materials in order to match your retail brand and your respective regional market. 

Our design catalogue is updated regularly as our creative team comes up with new original designs. Feel free to browse our catalogue or send us an inquiry. 

2 / Production

Here Makers has been producing and managing supply chains for world-leading brands for over 18 years. 

The supply chain management team is flexible and responsive, allowing us to react quickly to everchanging market trends. To ensure that our system keeps improving, our production engineering team evaluates and refines the efficiency and effectiveness by performing regular analysis on the production process. 

3 / Quality Management

At Here Makers, quality is one of our main concerns, therefore the quality management department occupies its own space, operating as an independent group in the organization. 

We have not only developed our own quality management system, but also our own laboratory in order to ensure that the best industry practices are applied to quality control. Currently, our quality compliance is certified ISO9001-2015. Moreover, we are also certified BSCI by SGS, ensuring our social compliance.    

In addition, team members are also required to complete weekly training sessions to ensure that they are up to date with the latest requirements.

4 / Client Relations

All good businesses require strong relationship management, which begins with good communication with clients. We are proud to say that we place our trust completely in our client relations managers. 

Each of our clients is assigned a personal point of contact, ensuring that all our customers receive a personalized experience with a clear and direct communication channel, as well as enabling us to build an intimate relationship with all our clients. 

Additionally, customer feedback analysis is also carried out regularly, so that we can gain deeper insight into the needs and behaviors of our clients. We believe that this is all vital to providing the services our clients need for successful production to meet their goals.